Jose | CatKing


Gender: Male

Birthday: 2024-03-02

Breed: British Longhair

color: AY22

Pet Price: $3750

Breeding Price: $

Status: Reserved

Cat Description:

Jose is a little kitten with a sturdy body and perfect features. His large frame, round head, round face, round eyes, round mouth, and rare blue-gold 22-color marble fur, he is simply a rare treasure! Little Jose's touch is silky and soft, feels like touching a cloud. He is smart and clever, with a very gentle personality, likes to play with people, and even happily pushed for milk when held. Who could resist loving Jose baby?

Listed price will include:

3 Health Exams
1st-year 3 FVRCP Vaccines
1st-year Rabies Vaccine
30-day Pet Insurance
Socialization & Behaviour Training
Genetic Testings of Parents
Lifetime Genetic Diseases Warranty
Contract Signing
Lifetime Consulting
Free Delivery in the GTA


$499 Neuter/Spay & Recovery (Recommended)
*If you choose to take the kitten neutered/spayed at your own vet after rehomed, we will need to collect a $1000 neutering/spaying deposit and it is 100% refundable with a proof from the veterinary hospital and a video of the cat after the procedure provided. We will then refund this deposit to you.
$95 Leukemia Vaccine (Optional)
$125 Extra Health Exam (Optional)
$195 Health Certificate (Optional)
$125 Fecal Check (Optional)
$99 TICA Registration and 5-gen Pedigree Certificate (Optional)
$95 Microchip (Optional)
$395 Blood Test (Optional)

*All prices are subject to HST.

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